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Live-Interview with latin network W-radio

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Cynthia Johnson was interviewed for the "Alive Legends" segment of the influential morning show "La W" of W Radio, a contemporary radio network that is the world leader in the spanish-speaking radio market, whose largest share of followers comes from Spain, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Mexico, and the US hispanic market, amongst others.

Cynthia Johnson talks about her worldwide success as the singer of the number one hit Funkytown and how this song was influential to her personal life and musical career. But she also shares with us her latest projects, such as her acclaimed solo album "All That I Am", her role as the host of an international TV series produced by Megabien Entertainment, and of course her new album "Shake" produced by Mark Howard that is scheduled for release later this year.

The interview was held by Julio Sanchez Cristo, who is one of the most important journalists of South America and winner of several important journalistic awards. Sanchez has interviewed many important figures, such as Barack Obama, Mikhail Gorbachov, Bill Clinton, Paul McCartney, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Kevin Costner, Brad Pitt, Alicia Keys, Robbie Williams, Phil Collins, Mick Jagger, Shakira, amongst many more.

To listen to the interview click here


Broadcast of Funkytown Episode

news1305 CynthiaJohnson-StateCapital copyrightMegabienEntertainmentThe first episode of the Funkytown TV series, hosted by megabien artist Cynthia Johnson, featuring the Twin Cities Minneapolis-Saint Paul, aired yesterday, Saturday May 25th, at 20:15 on the German TV channel 3Sat. 3Sat is part of the German network ARD that can be seen all over Europe by Satellite.
The episode will also be available on the mediathek of 3sat for the next days, to watch click here (available only in Germany, Switzerland, Austria).

Funkytown Movie Party

news13.05 CynthiaJohnson-and-HansStachowiak-OnStage copyrightMegabienCynthia Johnson hosted, together with Billy Peterson, the megabien VIP night for the "Funkytown episode" of a TV series, produced by megabien entertainment about the musical and overall cultural scene of several US cities.
The first episode, co-produced with the German Public TV (Radio Bremen) is about the Twin Cities, Minneapolis and Saint Paul, and it's extraordinary art and music scene with the participation of local and internationally renowed artist and musicians, such as Mint Condition, Joanne Shenandoah, Eric Leeds, Billy Peterson, Sari Lennick, Boombox, jazz legend Irv Williams, Ben Sidran and many more ... .
The 70-min. "Funkytown episode" Movie Screening at the Minnesota Music Cafe, covered by the NBC/KARE-11 TV-network, was highly appreciated by a large attendance, surprised to see a huge 16'x4' movie screen set up all over the stage and a Christie Digital Cinema projector projecting a crystal clear HD picture. The exclusive and unique projection of the Funkytown episode was followed by live performances of Cynthia Johnson, Desdamona, Kevin Bowe and the Boombox Company. Besides megabien entertainment, this great event was sponsored by the MN Music Cafe, Newcastle Beer, AVI Systems and Plan A communications.

Cynthia has been contracted as TV host

news1210 CJOnStage cmegabienCynthia Johnson, singer of the #1 disco song "Funkytown" has been contracted by megabien entertainment as a host for the TV series "Funkytown" (working title).
After her performance in the first episode produced in September 2012 in Minneapolis as a co-production of megabien entertainment and the German Public TV, Johnson has been selected to also host the next episodes in New Orleans, Nashville, San Francisco, Philadelphia and Chicago.
Official website

Funkytown on its 33rd anniversary

news13.01 Funkytown-ReleaseAnniversary

On the 33rd anniversary of the single´s release this month, Funkytown looks back to a long and storied history. The 1980 global pop music hit offers an intriguing story driven by the enduring musical appeal of the song with the iconic lead vocals of Cynthia Johnson.

The songs ongoing popularity is proven by an unceasing demand over the years to use it in some form of media and entertainment. It has been featured in over 30 international movies, over 100 TV shows, various TV commercials of large multinational companies and other branding assignments, sporting events such as the Olympics, the NY Yankee’s CD, video games, and in other public realms like in a Shakespeare production in Sydney or "The Three Musketeers" in Stockholm.

Till today, the never-ending funky-tune remains the biggest hit ever coming from Minnesota’s hot and varied music scene, outselling Prince and Bob Dylan singles.