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Performance at RetroRama

news14.05 RetroRama

Cynthia Johnson will perform an exceptional short concert at the RetroRama event on Friday, May 16th, 2014 at the Minnesota History Center in St. Paul.

For the first time Johnson will present live a selection of songs of her latest solo record “All That I Am” that was officially released in December 2013. The album, published on the Megabien Music label, sums up a lifetime of a vocal artistry on a very personal level with songs fueled by Johnson´s life experience. At the RetroRama concert Johnson will be joined by a 10-piece band in preparation of her upcoming international touring.

Johnson will also present some of the designs on the runway of the Minnesota History Center's annual RetroRama fashion show, who uses fashion as a way to explore history. This year the popular program takes on the '70s and '80s, as local designers take inspiration from the new exhibit "Sights, Sounds and Soul: Twin Cities through the lens of Charles Chamblis." Chamblis, known as "The Pictureman," took photographs of musicians, fashion models and everyday people in Minneapolis in the '70s and '80s.

 The fashion show will be emcee'd by Twin Cities phenom Fancy Ray McCloney and DJ'd by Larry "Spider" Hamilton, a popular DJ of the '70s and '80s who also appeared in photographs by Chamblis such as Cynthia Johnson.

Tickets are $25 ($20 for MNHS members), available online click here or by phone at 651-259-3015.


Cynthia Johnson now also on Twitter

news14.02 CJ NowOnTwitter Now you will find Cynthia Johnson also on Twitter, click here and start to follow her latest tweets.

Or if you prefer facbook, here you can become Cynthia Johnson´s facbook friend.



Japanese McDonalds´ ad goes Funkytown

news14.02 McDonaldsAd Still1.42 sAfter Volkswagen, Nissan, FedEx, amongst other multinational coporations, it is now also McDonalds that uses Funkytown for its marketing activities.

Since 18 February, Japanese McDonalds’ is going all out with an ad campaign announcing the last of the "American Vintage Series" (the American Funky BBQ Chicken & American Funky BBQ Beef) accompanied by the music of Funkytown.

To watch this fun video click here.


A true world premiere

news14.01 CJ-LesAnneesBonheur A true world premiere - Cynthia Johnson performs the smash hit “Funkytown” for the first time ever live in front of TV cameras. The result is a stunning performance of a powerful, charismatic woman that hasn´t lost any of her energy and youth. The song is one of the disco era´s most monumental singles that went straight to #1 in 28 countries around the world and has been sold over 35 million times winning Gold and Platinum.

“Les Années Bonheur”, one of the most important French TV shows, is presented by France´s most popular entertainer Patrick Sébastien and counts over 70 million viewers per episode. The show is broadcasted in prime time in France, Belgium and Switzerland by the public TV-network France2 (Saturday, January 11th), and also in the French overseas territories, Europe, Africa, Asia, Japan, Latin America, Canada and USA by TV5 Monde (different dates in January 2014).


"All That I Am" released today

news13.12 CynthiaJohnson AllThatIAm releaseCynthia Johnson´s new solo album "All That I Am" was released today December 15th, 2013.

To celebrate the highly anticipated release of this new R&B album, Dutch radio ZAP!FM featured it today; so listeners could not only enjoy several of her new songs, but also receive background information on artist, musicians and album. As a result of the special attention, it was immediately voted as “Album Of The Week”.

If you are a fan of Cynthia Johnson or of great R&B music, or both, or a general music lover, this is definitely an album that should not be missing in your private music collection. The album is available for order at


Sounds of Blackness voted “Artist of the Month”

news13.12 SoundsOfBlacknessSince January of 2013, The Current is spotlighting a prominent Minnesota musician or band each month. The group “Sounds of Blackness” has been voted as their December´s local artist of the month.

Sounds of Blackness has not only packed a lot of acclaim and success into their 40-plus years (formed in 1969) together, but is also one of Minnesota’s longest-running musical projects. Cynthia Johnson, who joined the group in 1974, is along with Ann Nesby among the groups most prominent members.

Jazz, blues, gospel, R&B, soul, hip-hop, reggae, rock, ragtime or any combination of these; Sounds of Blackness is embracing many different influences. In 1992, the supergroup received their first Grammy for Best Gospel Choir or Chorus Album, followed by two more Grammys. Numerous other awards were picked up as well, among them four Stellar Awards, an Emmy nomination, and an International Time for Peace Award.

Today the group is practically an institution in Minnesota music, but their many awards has also pushed them into the national and international spotlight leading to performances around the globe, including a total of five performances at the White House and one at the 1996 Olympics.

To read the full article click here.


Release of Purple Snow Compilation

news13.12 PurpleSnow FlyteTyme2We are excited to announce the release of the “Purple Snow: Forecasting The Minneapolis Sound“ compilation that chronicles the late 70´s Minneapolis Sound with 32 rare and unreleased recordings spanning likely over a decade of hot musical innovation from the town later also known as Funkytown.

Of course the two-disc set cannot leave out two songs of the back then popular funk unit Flyte Tyme, a precursor to The Time that provided a vehicle for dozens of Twin Cities musicians throughout the ’70s and early ’80s. The two 1979 unreleased Flyte Tyme tracks "It's The Things That You Do" (written by Cynthia Johnson and Terry Lewis) and "I´ve Got You On My Mind" (written by Cynthia Johnson and Tony Johnson) feature a very tight funk band with soulful vocals from star “Funkytown” vocalist Cynthia Johnson, who is joined by bassist Terry Lewis (today Grammy winning producer), drummer Garry “Jellybean” Johnson (later becoming the guitarist of Prince, Janet Jackson, and others), and guitarist Tony Johnson (the only one who did not pursue a musical career). On this compilation you also get a high school "Prince Nelson" playing breezy guitar with the lite-funk band 94 East in 1975.

Altogether, this era with a hybrid of funk, pop, new wave and guitar-rock was not only the basis for the career launch of these gifted persons, but would eventually also bolt out of the Twin Cities to drive subsequent decades of R&B and pop/rock production. It is a work of musical history.


Official release of new album

news13.12 AllThatIAm releaseannouncementCynthia Johnson is excited to announce the highly anticipated release of her new album “All That I Am” on December 15th, 2013.

With this solo album Johnson once again proves that she knows how to use her remarkable gift as a singer and songwriter. Listeners will be inspired with the appealing sentiments and stirring sound of this exceptional R&B record. Rhythmic melodies, popular grooves, all combined on an eleven track album that brings out all the color and nuances that the R&B music is known for. The listener will also be exposed to an artistic, clever merge with modern hip hop/rap elements, be surprised by the musical contribution of Minnesota´s upcoming rappers Jeson (#1) and Lei’tah (#11).

"All That I Am" sums up a lifetime of a vocal artistry on a very personal level with songs fueled by Johnson´s life experience. It is Johnson in full bloom, at the peak of her talents and in full control of her performance and passion.
The album, produced by “My Choice Productions” and published on the label “Megabien Music”, is available for pre-order at


Participation at French TV show

news13.10 CynthiaJohnson TVShowFrance copyrightMegabienEntertainment.cCynthia Johnson participated at the recording of the French TV show "Les Années Bonheur" hosted by Patrick Sebastien. The three hour long show is broadcasted in France since 25 years by the public TV network France2 and TV5Monde on Saturday evenings and has an audience of 70 million viewers per episode. The show can be seen all over Europe, Switzerland and internationally (including the US) by TV5Monde.

As a true world premiere, Cynthia Johnson performed a stunning live version of her planetary hit "Funkytown". The show also included Canadian singer songwriter Terry Jacks, who performed his huge hit "Seasons in the Sun", Swiss super star DJ Bobo, and French artists such as Nana Mouskouri, Serge Lama, Louis Chedid, La Compagnie Créole, Julien Doré, amongst others.

The episode will be broadcasted on Saturday, January 11, 2014 at 8:45pm on France2 and TV5Monde.


French TV show Les Annees Bonheur

news13.09 LesAnnesBonheur

megabien is pleased to announce the participation of Cynthia Johnson at the French TV show “Les Années Bonheur” that will be recorded in Paris next month, October  14-15, 2013.

The show, presented by Partick Sebastien since 2007, is broadcasted in France, the French overseas territories, Belgium, Switzerland and Canada by the public TV networks FR2 and TV5 in prime time on Saturday evening (8:45pm) and has over 70 million viewers worldwide. In the US, the show can be seen by cable at TV5Monde. The show with her and other international artists’ participation will be broadcasted in January 2014.