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Cynthia Johnson on German TV

news17.03 RTL pop giganten neutral teaserCynthia Johnson is featured in the upcoming TV show "Pop Giganten: One Hit Wonder" of the German private network RTL (RTL2).

The two hour program shows the different stories behind songs and artists, celebrating their path to worldwide fame from the early beginning of their career until today.

Audiovisual material provided by megabien entertainment includes a short clip of "SHAKE", a song from Cynthia's new album, and footage from her concert at the "Minnesota History Museum", featuring Twin Cities musicians, among them are: David Eiland, Deb Brown, Carrie Harrington, Stephanie Devine, Russ King, Daryl Boudreaux, Kevin Washington, Peter Vircks, Deevo and Yohannes Tona.

The two hour program will air on RTL2 on Tuesday, March 21st at 22:15H (CET).