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Release Anniversary of Funkytown Single

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This month marks the 35th anniversary of Funkytown´s release as a single, the most popular song from the album “Mouth to Mouth” with Cynthia Johnson on lead vocals.

After a fulminous start in the US, the hit went on to top the international charts, from pop over R&B to disco. A never-ending song that spans generations and genres, keeps finding its way into numerous films, TV programs, commercials, sports events, video games, apps, classical theatre plays and so on, and has sold copies in over 90 countries around the globe earning gold and platinum certifications.

Till today, Funkytown, driven by Cynthia Johnson´s remarkable voice, remains the biggest hit ever from Minnesota's hot and varied music scene, outselling both Prince and Bob Dylan singles.

The enduring appeal of Cynthia Johnson´s voice not only stays alive with Funkytown, but her resilience can also be enjoyed on more current releases such as Johnson´s album “All That I Am” or her new album “Shake” due for release later this year.