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French TV Show

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Recordings in LA

       Live at RetroRama

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TV production

Photo Shootings

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Lipps, Inc.

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Flyte Tyme

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Funkytown on its 33rd anniversary

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On the 33rd anniversary of the single´s release this month, Funkytown looks back to a long and storied history. The 1980 global pop music hit offers an intriguing story driven by the enduring musical appeal of the song with the iconic lead vocals of Cynthia Johnson.

The songs ongoing popularity is proven by an unceasing demand over the years to use it in some form of media and entertainment. It has been featured in over 30 international movies, over 100 TV shows, various TV commercials of large multinational companies and other branding assignments, sporting events such as the Olympics, the NY Yankee’s CD, video games, and in other public realms like in a Shakespeare production in Sydney or "The Three Musketeers" in Stockholm.

Till today, the never-ending funky-tune remains the biggest hit ever coming from Minnesota’s hot and varied music scene, outselling Prince and Bob Dylan singles.