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Recordings in LA

       Live at RetroRama

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TV production

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Lipps, Inc.

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Flyte Tyme

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Chart-topping anniversary for Funkytown

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Today in 1980, Lipps, Inc. with Cynthia Johnson on lead vocals went on to No. 1 on the US single charts with the song “Funkytown” and began its four week residence at the top, sending such notable artists as Blondie (Call Me) and Paul McCartney (Coming Up) off to the second and third position.

The popular song holds a unique record for reaching No. 1 in 28 countries around the world, among them Canada, France, Germany, Switzerland, Australia, Israel, Netherlands, Norway, Denmark or Spain, more than any other song before. And it took 25 years before this record could be broken, which was by Madonna´s number one hit “Hung Up”.

The hit went on to top the international charts, from pop to R&B to disco, spanning generations and genres. Till today, the infectious tune with Johnson´s notable lead vocals keeps reinventing itself for film, television, branding, sporting events, video games, and many other public realms.