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Live in Hollywood

French TV Show

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Recordings in LA

       Live at RetroRama

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TV production

Photo Shootings

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Lipps, Inc.

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Flyte Tyme

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Official release of new album

news13.12 AllThatIAm releaseannouncementCynthia Johnson is excited to announce the highly anticipated release of her new album “All That I Am” on December 15th, 2013.

With this solo album Johnson once again proves that she knows how to use her remarkable gift as a singer and songwriter. Listeners will be inspired with the appealing sentiments and stirring sound of this exceptional R&B record. Rhythmic melodies, popular grooves, all combined on an eleven track album that brings out all the color and nuances that the R&B music is known for. The listener will also be exposed to an artistic, clever merge with modern hip hop/rap elements, be surprised by the musical contribution of Minnesota´s upcoming rappers Jeson (#1) and Lei’tah (#11).

"All That I Am" sums up a lifetime of a vocal artistry on a very personal level with songs fueled by Johnson´s life experience. It is Johnson in full bloom, at the peak of her talents and in full control of her performance and passion.
The album, produced by “My Choice Productions” and published on the label “Megabien Music”, is available for pre-order at