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Participation at French TV show

news13.10 CynthiaJohnson TVShowFrance copyrightMegabienEntertainment.cCynthia Johnson participated at the recording of the French TV show "Les Années Bonheur" hosted by Patrick Sebastien. The three hour long show is broadcasted in France since 25 years by the public TV network France2 and TV5Monde on Saturday evenings and has an audience of 70 million viewers per episode. The show can be seen all over Europe, Switzerland and internationally (including the US) by TV5Monde.

As a true world premiere, Cynthia Johnson performed a stunning live version of her planetary hit "Funkytown". The show also included Canadian singer songwriter Terry Jacks, who performed his huge hit "Seasons in the Sun", Swiss super star DJ Bobo, and French artists such as Nana Mouskouri, Serge Lama, Louis Chedid, La Compagnie Créole, Julien Doré, amongst others.

The episode will be broadcasted on Saturday, January 11, 2014 at 8:45pm on France2 and TV5Monde.